Most Trending Baby Cribs in 2022

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Baby Cribs- All You Need to Know


Do you have a baby in your house? If so, what do you use to put them down for their nap or at night? If you’re like most parents out there, it’s probably a baby crib. Finding a crib is often done before babies are even born. But why? Babies sleep in cradles and bassinets until they reach certain ages—but that doesn’t mean they stay confined to one spot! When choosing between types of furniture for your little one be sure to consider how mobile he or she will be when reaching different milestones in development.

A newborn can’t stand on his own, but by 6 months old he should be crawling around frequently. So if mobility is important to you, perhaps a crib would make sense for your child; conversely, if your baby won’t need to travel with her bedding too much or if space isn’t an issue (you could move items from room-to-room as needed), then maybe a bassinet would suffice. Know what works best for your situation and then make plans accordingly.


Types of Baby Cribs Available



In general, there are two types of baby cribs to choose from standard (also known as drop-side cribs) and convertible. It’s best not to use a drop-side crib after your baby can push up on hands and knees or crawl. Most new parents won’t consider purchasing a convertible crib unless they plan on having more than one child but using a convertible crib for multiple children isn’t ideal; you should always buy a brand new crib for each baby you have. Be sure to read through our buying guide (linked below) before making any decisions about what type of baby crib is right for you!


If you’re looking for classic style, wood baby cribs are a beautiful way to give your little one a piece of natural furniture that can be used throughout childhood. While they’re not as strong or long-lasting as other crib options, wood baby cribs are simple and adorable—and great for families who want to keep things minimalistic.

For example, if you want something more than an ultra-basic metal-and-mesh crib, but don’t have enough space to store a big wooden chest or dresser in your child’s room, look into getting a transitional wood crib that can grow with them into toddlerhood. These versatile units feature either a low headboard or footboard or high ones with decorative cutouts like flower petals.


Convertible Baby Cribs

Convertible Baby Cribs


If you’re in search of baby cribs for sale, look no further than convertible cribs. These are excellent for families who want to ensure their little ones will be using their crib through all stages of infancy. As your child grows, you can simply adjust and convert your crib into a toddler bed, daybed, or full-size bed without having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture. Convertible baby cribs come in both two-in-one and three-in-one styles, allowing you plenty of space and options as your child grows. Feel free to browse our website now if you’re looking for a versatile piece that will last throughout your child’s infancy!


Modern Baby Cribs

Modern Baby Cribs


Compared to their traditional counterparts, modern baby cribs are sleeker and more lightweight. With clean lines and modern decor trends in mind, these styles typically feature a solid color like white or black with an accent of bold colors such as orange, red, or teal. The versatility of modern baby cribs makes them perfect for any room in your home where you’d like to keep the baby close by – but out of harm’s way!

Plus, they’re ideal for smaller spaces like cramped apartments and condominiums that won’t accommodate larger pieces. Plus, most models can be folded for easy storage when not in use. Overall these are great options for urban dwellers who plan on raising their children from a young age but don’t have room for both a nursery and playroom.


Portable Baby Cribs

Portable Baby Cribs


If you love traveling with your baby, then you’ll want to check out portable cribs. These cribs are designed so that you can bring them anywhere. Just set those up when it’s time for bed and pack them up in seconds when it’s time to go! They come with a large number of features as well, so they can double as small playpens or even bassinets (for younger babies). Also, they are available in both infant and toddler sizes. And while they may be more expensive than traditional cribs, they will probably last longer—not only because of their durability but also because you don’t have to buy another one once your child has grown out of it!


Luxury Cribs

Luxury Baby Cribs


If you’re looking for a high-end baby crib that looks great and is also highly functional, we recommend checking out Monte Design’s luxury baby crib. Made with solid white oak, its intricate details are truly beautiful. White oak is strong and sturdy, so your child will enjoy climbing in and out of it without worrying about it collapsing. The two-tone finish is stylish yet conservative enough to blend in almost any nursery.


How to Choose the Best One

It’s no secret that babies and small children require a lot of stuff for proper care. And, when it comes to quality baby cribs and other nursery furniture, you don’t want to trust just any company with one of your most precious investments. There are so many different brands on the market today; how do you know which one is best? First off, decide if you want standard or custom. Convertible baby cribs are generally easier to assemble but can look too commercial for some homes.

Custom-made designs can be created to fit almost any style of home décor. Custom products will also typically last longer than their mass-produced counterparts; therefore making them a better value in terms of longevity as well as aesthetics. If you’re shopping online, be sure to read reviews first – buyer experience matters! Make sure that you get more than one quote before signing on – again, safety first! Finally: Try out every item before buying it! Nothing beats inspecting what you’re about to put in your little angel’s hands/mouth/feet…you get the idea: Buyer beware!!




















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