Understanding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

sudden infant death

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of unexplained infant death in the United States. SIDS occurs when a baby is found dead after sleeping, and there are no signs of injury or illness. It’s important to know what causes this syndrome so that you can be aware of ways to prevent it […]

Top Baby Shower Decoration Tips

baby shower

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to baby shower decoration, there are definitely some tried-and-true methods that have been used time and again by mamas-to-be and party hosts alike. So whether you’re looking to craft your own baby shower decor or need some inspiration on how to spruce up the […]

The Truth About Tylenol For Newborns

Tylenol for newborns

Tylenol for newborns may seem like an obvious answer when your baby has a fever, but it can actually do more harm than good if used improperly. This article will discuss the risks of using Tylenol to treat your newborn’s fever, and give you safe and effective alternatives that work just as well but won’t […]

8 Amazing Baby Nursery Ideas That Will Inspire You

Baby Nursery

Baby nursery ideas can be tricky to come up with. It’s important to both keep your baby safe and make sure they’re comfortable, and these ideas can help you figure out how to do that in an efficient and beautiful way. From using space-saving furniture to hanging artwork on the wall, here are 8 amazing […]

A list of what you should have in your baby grooming kit

What should you keep in your baby grooming kit? A grooming kit may seem like an unnecessary item, but it’s actually really important to have one on hand if your child has special needs or if you’re just in a pinch. If you’re wondering what to put in your baby grooming kit, keep reading below! […]

How to Help a Gassy Baby

If you’re the parent of a gassy baby, help may be on the way! For many babies, their gastrointestinal tract matures more slowly than other systems in their body, which can cause your baby to experience excessive gas. And if this isn’t already bad enough, the discomfort and bloating caused by excessive gas can cause […]

What Parents Need to Know about Baby Grooming

baby grooming

Baby grooming isn’t just an issue for adults. It’s also something that can affect children as young as your baby. In the past, baby grooming has been linked to sexual abuse and pornography, but more recently, experts have warned that parents need to look out for much more subtle signs than those, including overly-affectionate behavior […]

05 Basic Home Remedies for Baby’s Fever

With your baby’s fever comes the inevitable worry of whether it’s necessary to take them to the doctor, and if so, what do you do? Fever in infants can be a scary thing, but as long as it doesn’t last more than 3 days and isn’t accompanied by other flu-like symptoms, there’s no need to […]

Most Trending Baby Cribs in 2022

If you love baby cribs, then you’ll love our latest product! We know that once you bring home your baby and place them in their crib, you don’t want to leave their side. That’s why we created the first line of smart baby cribs—cribs that can stream live footage directly to your phone so you […]

Top 8 Baby Accessories Every New Parent Needs

car seat baby accessories

There are several baby accessories every new parent needs, but they don’t have to cost a lot of money or take up much space. In fact, many of them you can use with any baby, not just yours! So, if you’ve just brought home your new baby and you’re wondering what else you need to […]